Q: Can the dog shower brush be removed?

A: Yes.

Q: Will this work in a shower that already has a handheld shower?

A: Yes it will. The size is the same. (Handheld screw in) You would unscrew the handheld holder and install the 3-way diverter, then reinstalled your hand held. It will add 4 inches “the diverter width” to the extent of where your current shower handle protrudes out.

Q: Will there be enough water pressure to fully rinse a thick furry dog.

A: Yes, it has very strong water pressure.

Q: Does this fit all shower heads?

A: Yes, shower pipes are a standard ½” size.

Q: I am looking for something that would attach to a rental property? Is this permanent?

A: No, the entire kit is easily removable.