About Us

The Wondurdog Story


In May 2015, Damon Scalfaro got his first dog (as an adult). A beautiful Golden Retriever which he and his wife named Deacon. 

Never having a dog before, he was unprepared for what was going to happen next. As you dog owners know, your life is changed forever. 

Deacon became family. A lake-loving, ball-chasing, roll-around-in-who-knows-what part of the family.

Being a doggo means getting dirty, sometimes REALLY dirty. Damon wasn’t quite sure how to handle that issue. Did dirty dog automatically mean dirty house? Damon set out to conquer that challenge.

As a pupparent, you know the drill. Dog hates bath. Human hates giving them. Damon tried: 

  • The pitcher in the bath tub method: Basically made the house even messier, and Deacon is definitely not a fan.
  • The shower method: Strip down and literally take a shower to wash the dog? Uh, no. And Deacon is even less of a fan.
  • The shower sprayer method: With one hand on the sprayer, one controlling Deacon, he needed a third or maybe fourth hand to soap and brush the dirt out. #FAIL number three.
  • Head to the strip center and spend $20 each bath? Nope, that wasn’t it either.

There had to be a better way.

Damon took his Deacon-based bath research and started a year of development in winter of 2018.

Voila! Out of that paw-peration came Wondurdog’s Indoor Dog Shower Kit - a brush-based adapter that dogs love and gives humans the upper hand in comfort, control, and best of all, CLEAN.

This solution was a success, and Damon quickly developed an outdoor version for the garden hose and a sink faucet version. 

The goal of Wondurdog is to simply develop great products that help enhance the relationship with our dogs. To create WONderful DURable DOG products.